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Alexey Lukyanuk and Yaroslav Fedorov were one step away from ruining their spectacular Rally Estonia, in which they were confirmed as the revelation among the Rally2 vehicles present. The Russians, framed in WRC3, have beaten all the cars in their category, finishing eighth overall.

Mind you, we all know that Lukyanuk never gives up, even with the situation completely under control. This fact has almost ruined the rallie on the Power Stage, where he made a mistake at high speed, with two turns of the bell included, reaching the finish line with the very damaged Skoda Fabia Rally2.

Before starting the special, their 52-second advantage compared to Andreas Mikkelsen and Ola Floene (second in Rally2 and first among the WRC2), was enough to reach the finish line with a 13.8 second advantage, but above all with a big scare in the body. These are the images of what happened:

Video: Lizette Sibul


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