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The Navarrese rider Alberto Garraza has attended Tramalón to tell us the details of his recently restored Renault Clio Williams Group A, a piece of the history of rallies in Spain. After several years disputing tests with a Citroën AX Gti (among other cars), Garraza was willing to “jump” with a car of higher performance.

The main intention was to acquire a model of the R2 category, but Garraza ended up looking in the market for “a more special vehicle”, as he has confirmed to us. As it cannot be otherwise, “acquiring a ex oficial unit was unworkable”, but they found a Renault Clio Gr. And in a really spectacular state. They didn’t miss the opportunity.

This unit participated in several Almería races and then passed to a Galician driver, who saved it. Garraza and his team did not think twice and the French unit arrived in Navarre in July 2018. ” The immense desire to try the vehicle” made our protagonist and his co-driver, Goyo Nieto, premiere the car a few days later in a Rallysprint near his home, Puente La Reina – Gares.

Inside of the machine.

Things didn’t turn out all right and they were forced to give up because of a breakdown. Once “tested” they set to work, and during these months they have been engaged in a work of restoration and development worthy of admiration. The body of the French unit from 1991 was dismantled, cleaned and repainted. The interiors are totally new, but respecting the “essence” of the time.

Restoration process of the bodywork.

With the I+D professionals Motorsport, also the engine (Williams original, currently with 200 hp of power) and the sequential gearbox have been completely revised. The suspension, on the other hand, is also similar to those of the Group A of the time. The electrical installation is also new. All in a real state of motion picture.

The car in I+D Motorsport

The decoration reminds us of those glorious years with such devices. Garraza had in mind the decoration of Oriol Gómez, Spanish Asphalt Rally Champion in 1994 with Renault. A really successful design and achieved by the professionals of IDEGRAFIK Rotulations.

Exterior appearance with the official decoration of the time.

When will run?

After the restoration process, the desire to enjoy is increasing on the part of the whole team. The plans before the confinement were to compete in the Rallye Fullslip (Cantabria), which was first announced in mid-April. Finally this test has been postponed, for the moment, to the month of November.

Another of the races marked was the Rallye Solo Clio, which would bring together authentic wonders of the most iconic model in the history of the French brand. Warmed up for the month of May, once again its possible celebration is unknown. Two careers that, sooner or later, will allow you to admire this authentic work of art.

Garraza also has in his garage a Ford Focus for ground tests and a beautiful Citroën AX Gti. This has a 1.3 engine of the time, restored and with a “really outstanding” performance, as Garraza tells us. The little Frenchman will not stay in the garage either: “We will be alternating the cars depending on the hardness of each test” says. Thank you very much from these lines for your kindness and interest Alberto!

Its other unit, a beautiful Citroën AX Gti (Gr. A Legend Rally)


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