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As many of you know, Tramalón ended another week of broadcasts with a very special guest, Surhayen Pernía. The Cantabrian, for two hours really interesting and productive emission, told many anecdotes and cuirosidades about their participations in different championships and with very varied racing cars.

Hhis experience (and victory) at the RMC R2 Cup with the Ford Fiesta will mark him forever. “Roberto Méndez put everything for us and more, “said Pernía, really grateful after the work of this team in their sporting career. After two years in CERA with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, participation in the World Rally Championship was closer than ever.

“After the 2014 Madrid Rallye, there was a call from a big sponsor to get a program at the WRC,” Surhayen said. The stage was really spectacular. Arrived at the World Rally Championship with a new Ford Fiesta R5 to team up with Peruvian rider Nicolás Fuchs, who would also compete with RMC on the WRC2.

Two days before the closing of Canary Islands Rally, everything was ready. The intention was to run this rally as a “test” and then make the leap to the WRC with this device. Despite the efforts, and in the absence of a few days, “everything disappeared“, as “Surha” declared. Other projects came up later, but in 2015 it was a “really hard” role for the Brecce pilot.

From 2016 came the stage with the Renault Clio R3T. Thanks to his victory he competed at the Monte-Carlo Rally the following year, which involved “a mixture of emotions and incredible feelings”. Well into 2017 arrived Hyundai, a brand that continues to rely on the talent of the Cantabrian. A union that promises many successes after the “great leap of performance and confidence” that the team, together with the newcomer Alba Sánchez, experienced last season. Watch the live show again with Surhayen Pernía by clicking on this link:


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