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The situation of uncertainty to which the COVID-19 is subjecting us in the sport is leading the RFEDA (Spanish Federation) to rethink the future of the current season 2020. This is the letter made public by its President, Manuel Avió, a few minutes ago:

The suspension of all races scheduled for the months of March – April, and very much pending what may happen now with those of May – June, are leading the RFEDA to have to consider a 2020 season, -at best, shorter and with less evidence. It is logical to think that we will not be able to schedule tests of the same specialty for several weekends in a row, due to its complication in budgetary terms for the teams, and the difficulty of finding officers who can attend to them correctly. In any case, without knowing the future developments of the situation and the number of rallys that will be affected, any attempt to reshape the 2020 calendar is, for the moment, useless.

Therefore, all those who have requested new dates, you must understand them as provisional ones, pending the knowledge of the evolution of the virus and the guidelines that the Government of Spain and to allow a definitive calendar.

As you can imagine dear friend, these aren`t moments, nor pleasant decisions for anyone, but I have thought it convenient, as head of the entity, to put in your knowledge this decision waiting to see how the events evolve, Hopefully, they’ll be positive.

The President has also indicated that measures or changes to be made in the alteration of the races and the season will be made public instantly. For the moment, several events have been postponed. Rallye Sierra Morena or Rallye Tierra Pozoblanco, among others, have been postponed.


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