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Today is March 8, International Women’s Day, and we cannot pass up the opportunity to pay tribute to several of the Spanish drivers and co-drivers who are active in the world of rallying. Of course, it is impossible to name them all, but here is a compilation as a tribute and recognition. But remember, with the helmet and without it … We are all the same!

Cristina Gutiérrez

The Burgos woman became, in 2017, the first Spanish woman car driver to finish the Dakar Rally. In 2021 she was the second woman to win a stage in the Dakar Rally history, the first Spanish woman, immersed in the SSV category. This year she takes on the Extreme E as teammate Sébastien Loeb.

Emma Falcón

The Canarian has a decade of experience in the world of rallying. He started racing on his land, but with the passage of time he took steps towards the Spanish and European Championship, aboard the Citroën DS3 R3T. He currently races a Citroën C3 R5, with which he has achieved several podiums in recent races.

Carla Álvarez

The Asturian started rallying in 2015 aboard a Citroën C2 GT. In 2017 she went to the Seat León Super Cup of circuits, with which she excelled in mountain climbs such as the Fito and many others in his community. She is considering a change of plans after putting the car up for sale.

Ángela Vilariño

A true specialist in the Mountain, both in Spain and Europe. She adds numerous triumphs and podiums aboard the various boats and CMs that she has driven throughout her sports career. She too, along with Sara Fernández, made the leap to rallying with the Opel Adam R2.

Zihara Esteban

Despite being away from rallying for some time, Zihara Esteban raced an R2 for three seasons, in addition to his appearances in other disciplines such as circuits. She teamed up with co-drivers such as Raquel Ruiz, Helena Carrasco and Alba Sánchez.

Tania Martínez

The Villabuena driver has raced with numerous co-drivers such as Andrea Fidalgo, Amelia Blanco or Laura González, among many others. In 2020 she has contested numerous tests of the Suzuki Swift Cup after passing her through mounts such as the Ford Fiesta R2T.

Ruth Ortega

The Galician opted for a single-brand cup such as the Dacia Sandero, a contest that she played in full in the 2018 season. She was one of the promoters of the Melmac RallyFactory women’s team, created four seasons ago, which already has several people in its ranks.

Sonia Escalante

She was one of the main cheerleaders of the Cantabrian Championship, in all disciplines, aboard an Opel Gorsa. After a few years inactive, she returned with force in 2017. She has also been seen in the copilot issue, with exchanged roles, with Manuel Obregón.


Alba Sánchez

Sánchez has five seasons of experience in the world of rallying. In his second or third season he was already competing in a number of events close to thirty rallies. 2019, for the moment, was his last active year, as Surhayen Pernía’s co-driver in the Hyundai i20 R5.

Sara Fernández

Another of the co-drivers with the most active seasons in our country, specifically since the 2005 season. She has competed in various events and, since the 2016 campaign, has worked as a navigator for Efrén Llarena. Both are taking giant steps in their sports careers. She has also competed at the controls of the car in some Mountain events, such as the Bien Aparecida, and in rallies.

Alaitz Urkiola

Co-driver of numerous Basque pilots, and currently together with Aingeru Castro, with whom he has won several regional titles. He made the jump to the Suzuki Swift Cup in 2020 and is also one of the most experienced co-drivers in our country. She has also been at the controls of a car in some sporadic climb.

Eguzkiñe Enriquez

Another active boater from a decade ago. Her first steps were with Iker Gayoso and Unai García. With the latter, she has achieved titles such as the Kobe Cup and the Kumho N3 Challenge, both with the Toyota Aygo in the Spanish Gravel Rally Championship. Her passion for this sport moves mountains.

Raquel Ruiz

Active in the world of rallying since 2012, first in the Regional and later in the National with pilots such as José Antonio Huete or Ignacio Braña, among many others. He is still active with a driver like Pedro González in the Cantabrian Rally Championship and Rallysprint.

Salvo Family

A totally racing family. María took her first steps with riders like Yves Cools or Santiago Carnicer, while at present she is racing with Sergi Francoli. They will participate in the Clio Trophy Spain 2021. Laura also made her debut in 2015, competing in numerous regional and national events. We take advantage of these lines to remember her and send a huge hug to her family. We also know that the youngest of the sisters has been asking for passage with the notebook … How beautiful!

Andrea Lamas

Another of the lovers of this sport. Adrián Pérez’s regular co-driver, during his Suzuki stage and currently in the Galician Regional. Lamas suffered a severe accident in his last rally and is recovering, but has not stopped. He has created a new project, Safe Motorsport.

Eva Navas

Eva has had many races behind her back since the nineties, always, or most of the time, alongside Alberto Sansegundo. She has been competing for several consecutive seasons, with cars like the Mitsubishi or numerous vehicles of the N5 category.

Esther Gutiérrez

The Andalusian is another of the co-drivers with the most projection in the world of racing. She debuted in 2017, and already has numerous tests outside her autonomous community. This year she has already achieved her first absolute victory: With Carlos Rodríguez in the Rallycrono de Casabermeja.

Eva Costas

Another of the most recognized co-drivers at the national level. Her work together with José Calvar and the Seat Marbella make them one of the most beloved teams in Spain. They have shown that, through infinite passion, they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Amelia Blanco

Galician co-driver active since the 2015 season. Winner of the PXP Cup with Jorge Cagiao, with whom this year he hit the table with the Renault Clio RSR Rally5. We hope they put up a lot more war, because they make an exceptional couple in the car.

Nerea Campos

Again, another of the clear examples of co-drivers with progression in the racing world. Xabier Elgarresta, David Ardions or Endika Beloki (the latter in the Spanish Championship) have worked alongside her. Currently, Juan Castillo is her pilot, but she has already contested CERA tests with pilots like Roberto Blach.

Paloma Múgica

Another of the codrivers with more experience in rallies in our country. Paloma, her brother Sem de ella and the Lancia Delta Integrale were protagonists, for several years, of the Cantabrian Championship. Her last race took place in the 2019 season.

Rosana Martínez

Martínez has twenty years of experience singing notes in a race car. The passion shared by both she and Rubén Iván Blanco has no limit, and together they have shown that we can also achieve everything we propose. Another of the co-drivers most loved and known by the fans.

Maitane Martiarena

Without a doubt, another navigator with many races in the Basque Championship. Together with Joseba Lasa she forms one of the fastest couples of the moment aboard the BMW M3 E36. The 2020 Malarreka Rallysprint was his first outright victory so far, and more are sure to come.

Helena Carrasco

Again, also in this case, with many rally seasons behind him … And the ones that remain! One of the firm defenders that it is unnecessary to create a female category in the world of rallying, since we are all the same.

As you can understand, it is impossible to name all the women, both driver and co-driver, who have passed and continue to experience the world of rallying. Lucía Otero, Maider Usandizaga, Alba Bermejo, Carolina Abascal, Leire Iturbe, Úrsula Rodas, Vanessa Valle … And hundreds and hundreds more. Thanks for everything girls!


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