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It was an open secret, and it was just confirmed this morning. The Catalan driver Jan Solans becomes part of the Citroën Racing and Sports & You family from this same campaign. He will compete with the Citroën C3 Rally2, taking over from Pepe López.

Solans will compete fully in the Spanish Rally Championship, the new formula designed by the Spanish Automobile Federation. The team will debut at the Sierra Morena Rally in April, and then make way for the gravel of Lorca two weeks later.

The objective is none other than to try to revalidate the titles obtained by Pepe López and Borja Rozada during the last two campaigns. Solans, accompanied by Mauro Barreiro, were Junior World Champions in 2019 with the Ford Fiesta R2T.

As a prize, the Catalan-Galician couple received the Ford Fiesta Rally2, with which they did not run the desired fate in the three World Championship rounds they did. In La Nucía they did compete in top positions.

In addition to the races chosen for the Super Championship, the team also plans to attend individual events of the World Rally Championship, yet to be defined. The RACC Rally of Catalonia, of course, will not be missing from the program. We will see what the rest are.

Jan Solans statements:

“For me and for my sports career, it is a great success to be able to join a brand like Citroën, not only because of the history and track record it has in rallying, but also because of its great potential as a manufacturer. Every driver’s dream is be part of a first-rate team and get behind the wheel of a winning car.

I will be able to make it a reality with the Citroën Rally Team and the Citroën C3 Rally2, becoming part of the Citroën family thanks also to the sponsors of this great project: Huawei, Terra Training Motorsport, Total, and Pirelli. I am very grateful for this opportunity and the confidence that I have received to be able to give my best. “


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