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It’s Monday and we are facing … Rally week! We move on to the 31st edition, specifically the 2013 Sierra Morena Rally. Sixty teams on the list of entries and an interesting level, with various Mitsubishi and powerful rear-wheel drive.

Surhayen Pernía and Juan Luis García were the winners of the rallie aboard the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. Two similar cars accompanied them on the podium. Specifically, the Japanese racing cars of Alberto Meira-David Vázquez and the Pais brothers, Alejandro and Santiago.

Sergio and Diego Vallejo were one of the teams present aboard the spectacular Porsche 997 GT3, with which they didn`t have the best of luck that year. Of course, they left this spectacular skidding at the intersection of Santa María de Trassierra, one of the busiest in the event (first shot of the video).

So in all areas, spectacular!

Image of Álvaro Mallo Fernández.


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