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The F1 has changed, but in turn, it remains the same. It has changed because the distances between drivers are shorter than ever, but it remains the same because it has won again the same as always. Lewis Hamilton has taken pole position in the GP of Emilia Romagna after the most even classification in years. Up to eight drivers have been in less than half a tenth fighting to get out first in tomorrow’s race.

The English driver has once again demonstrated why he is a legitimate seven-time world champion. With Red Bull closer than ever before, he has again made the most of his Mercedes to get his first pole on this course. The difference with your partner is bleeding again. Bottas will leave tomorrow eighth after having proven to go fast on this circuit throughout the weekend, but again failing at the moment of truth. Result unacceptable to the Finnish driver.

The great protagonist of the day is Sergio Perez, who has not only qualified second, but has done it ahead of his teammate. It is the first warning from the Mexican for a Max Verstappen who was less than a tenth of the pole, but who failed to translate the apparent favoritism with which he reached this GP. However, Pérez will be a great ally for the Dutchman to prepare Red Bull’s strategy for the race.

Source: Twitter (@redbullracing)

Lando Norris has been the sensation during the final moments of Q3. Having painted the first two sectors purple during his quick lap, the English driver has been to the finish fighting pole to his compatriot and get a feat for McLaren. It has finally been only a few thousandths to achieve it and subsequently its return has been annulled by exceeding the limits of the track. He will leave tomorrow seventh, behind Ricciardo despite having gone better than his partner throughout the session.

What is not surprising is already the very high level of Charles Leclerc, who has put Ferrari back where it does not belong. Miraculous fourth place for the Italian team, who will leave just ahead of a Pierre Gasly who has certified the great pace of the AlphaTauri with his fifth position.

Source: Twitter (@ScuderiaFerrari)

The great disappointments of the qualifying were the two Spanish drivers. Carlos Sainz has been left out in the Q2 at the controls of a Ferrari that is for more. The Madrileño was not making his best weekend, but the comparison with Leclerc does not benefit him. The same as Fernando Alonso, who will leave tomorrow fifteenth while Esteban Ocon has managed to put the Alpine in Q3. While it is true that the distances are minimal, both Alonso and Sainz have been below expectations.

As for the rest of the teams, Williams certifies their improvement by putting their two cars in the Q2 for the first time in years. Unlike Alfa Romeo, who after having a great weekend in Bahrain, have been left out again with both cars in the first round of Imola. Yuki Tsunoda will leave last after the accident she had during the first few minutes of the quali.

This is the final result of the qualifying og GP Emilia Romagna:

Source: F1


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